Audience Evaluation of SI Apps

Chose one of the three of the following to evaluate:

  1. The Portrait Competition App (released this coming weekend)
  2. The SI Alpha app (the one not available through the app store)
  3. The National Museum of African American History and Culture app

Putting your consumer shoes on, give the app a heavy test run.  Put it to use from afar, and if possible, from on location.  How would you expect to use this app? Does the app do what you expect it to do?  Is the information that you would expect to find in the app there?  Is there anything missing that should be there?  Is it easily navigable?  Are there design aspects that are difficult to understand or work with?  Could they be done differently? If there is educational content in the app, does it work well?  In what situations would you use take the time to listen, watch, or read this content?  How would you improve the app in either a major or minor way?  Please reflect on these questions and others if that may come to your mind while using the app. On your blog, post a 300 word evaluation of the app.  Due Date: April 1st (no fooling)

March 18th – Meet at the Portrait Gallery at 4:30 pm

We will meet downtown at the EdCenter at the American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery from 4:30-6:30. The assignment page has been updated. I dropped the readings from Letting Go? since many of you may not have brought the book with you on break. We will get back to that book on April 8th. Please confirm, if you have not done so already, that you can meet downtown. The easiest way to get there is to take the red line to the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop Red Line. Use the exit on 8th and G St. NW.
You will need access to a mobile device. I’ll need to know whether you will be using an IOS or Android device so that you can be invited to test beta apps. While Nancy Proctor can provide the students without one a device they can use on site, please let me know if you have any difficulty borrowing one to review the apps for class ahead of time and for the audience evaluation assignment.

To Do List Posted

By popular demand, I have posted a to do list.  A few of the assignments later in the semester are still being defined in conversation with the guest speakers.  I’ll add them as they are finalized.

Good News

Patrick Murray-John from the Center for History and New Media (see his blog Hacking the Humanities) has agreed to give an introduction to coding for the class.  It will likely be on our last day.  Also,  Dana Allen-Greil, an educational technologist at the National Gallery of Art, has agreed to do a presentation of museum’s use of new media.  She’s also directed the new media strategy for the National Museum of American History.  See her blog Engaging Museums.  She will likely come on April 15th.


I have modified the structure of our course blog.  The front page will now be reserved for announcements.  Please be sure to follow the comment threads for Week 1 and in the Q&A section.


Dr. Kerr